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Texas This I Know...
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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Tom DeLay Indictment: No Direct Connection. Why Is That ?

Something funny about this graphic published in the Austin-American Statesman. It is billed as a timeline of facts behind charges against Tom DeLay but there are no arrows or mention of Tom Delay in the boxes. Funny, for a person to be as deeply involved as Tom is supposed to be, wouldn't it be appropriate to have at least one direct link between him and the crime?

It is fast becoming plain to any objective observer that Ronnie Earle is grasping at straws. He got the second indictment from a newly impaneled grand jury the within hours of the first meeting, before they were even given orientation. Do you think they had time to consider the evidence?

He had to scramble to get the second indictment, going before two Grand Juries to get one indictment, because he screwed up so bad on the first. A small detail like the law not being in effect at the time of the supposed crime. Hoohaaa Boy! How stupid can one man be?

Besides being a Leftist hack, Ronnie (I Just Enforce The Law, Except When I Don't) Earle is also an incompetent dunce.

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