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Texas This I Know...
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Friday, December 02, 2005

John Murtha, War Hero?

John Murtha, the congressman who want to get out of Iraq thereby leaviung the Iraqis who have trusted us to the tender mercies of Al Queada, is lionized as a war veteran in the Main Stream Media, with two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star. They say he joined the Marines to fight in the Korean war. What they don't mention is he never set foot on Korean soil. He spent the war as a drill insructor at Camp Lejuene N.C. Nothing wrong with this except the implication is that he saw combat in the Korean War. He did not.

He volunteered to go to Vietnam in 1966. He came back in 1967. This means he spent 12 months or less in Vietnam. He was a regimental intelligence officer. Do regimental intelligence officers go out in the field? How did he get two Purple Hearts? How did he get the Bronze Star? Inquiring minds want to know.

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