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Friday, January 06, 2006

Time's Joe Klein Wraps A Nugget Of Insight In A Pedestrian Movie Review

I have always considered Joe Klein to be a Leftist dickhead, and, given his actions in the 1990s, an obsequous ass presenter in the colony presideded over by alpha baboon, Bill Clinton. But even Buttboy Joe gets it right once in a while.

In his TIME movie review,"When Hollywood Gets Terrorism Right", of the films "Munich", "Syriana", "Paradise Now" and the TV series "24", he has this to say in the last paragraph:

...but the psychological burden is crushing. And that is the point: this new form of warfare, imposed by Islamist fanatics—and utilized by Iraqi extremists in response to the U.S. invasion—is a sapping wound to a civilized society. ... The moral necessity to confront the terrorists is clear. But the war is going to be fought on their terms, not ours, and we are bound to be diminished—stained, perhaps irrevocably—by it.

This idea, that we will end up soiled beyond cleaning in our struggle with Islamofascism, is undisputably true. I accept this as a price we must pay in order to keep from paying a much higher toll. That price is not more American dead, although that will inevitably happen. Nor is it the coarsening of a society that engages in war, although that will inevitably occur. It is not any of the many toxic by-products of prosecuting this struggle.

No, the price we cannot allow ourselves to pay is the culture destroying psychic death-by-regret of a people who have killed millions of innocents to get a relative handful of bad guys.

If we fail to get the bad guys, and the bad guys only. If we allow the terrorists to goad us, by attacking over and over on our own turf, into a white hot conclusion that we will kill as many Muslims as needed in order to solve the problem, we will then have become as bad as the Islamofascists. Worse, because we, the U.S.. actually have the power to destroy them all.

And you know what? We would not last too long after that. Because our self image as the good guys would be gone. And we would deserve it.

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