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Texas This I Know...
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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Moneybags Soros Funds Tom Delay Critics

It turns out that Democrat Moneybags George Soros is behind most of the attack stories about Tom Delay. A story in "The Hill", a Washington newspaper, details the efforts of these critics to smear Delay, and through association, all Republicans.

When you read, or hear, about Tom Delay and what a scum-bag he is, consider the source.

"The research shows that members of these groups’ boards have contributed tens of thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates and political organizations and several of their staff members have previously worked for Democrats. The groups have also accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Open Society Institute, an organization founded by Soros, who spent millions trying to defeat President Bush in last year’s election."

"Over a five-day span, ending last Thursday, TV and radio stations and print publications from around the country featured at least 290 stories either about a controversial junket he took to Scotland in 2000, his response to criticism about the propriety of that trip or his offer to discuss the matter with the House ethics committee, according to a survey. The articles by The Associated Press, Reuters, Knight Ridder and The Washington Post were picked up by news outlets around the country."



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