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Texas This I Know...
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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Newt,We Hardly Knew Ye!

Newt Gingrich has always been my hero. The man who ran the corrupt Jim Wright out of Washington, who created the Contract With America, who was the elected official most responsible for the Rupublicans taking the House of Representatives in 1994.

Yep, I have always admired Newt. I knew he was human though. I mean, it was not like he was getting a lot of love and affection for his huge contribution to the Conservative Movement. He had been pounded in the Main Stream Media ever since he triumphed over Jim Wright, with hardly anyone coming to his defense. When he resigned his position as Speaker to be with his true love and make much more money, I could see how a man could decide to chuck it all, and I made allowances for his feet of clay.

That is until today when I saw him criticize Tom Delay. When I first heard about it, I could not believe it. Then I found the video clip on the Internet. Sure enough he had said exactly what the media quoted him as saying.

He said Delay was the one who had to prove his innocence. Then he pooh-poohed the "vast Left wing conpiracy" as if there was not a concerted, orchestrated effort to run Tom Delay out of Washington.

I ask you, Newt, just how does one go about proving that something does not exist except by pointing out that that it does not exist? Tom Delay has pointed out several times that he did nothing wrong, that there is no proof, to no avail. What more can he do?

Not one of the hundreds of negative stories, and opinion pieces, written about him has been able to come up with a single action that was criminal, or even unethical. Yes, he was "admonished" for somehow allowing people to lie to him.

Newt, you of all people know how the Left Wing attack machine works. You were a victim of it! For you to say and do the things you have said and done today bespeaks an ego that places your own notoriety above party and country. For the fleeting fame of being on TV, CBS of all places, you sold your dignity and integrity. You have set the Conservative movement back years for the paltry sum of 30 seconds TV time, and a swipe at a very effective Conservative. Was it jealousy? Good grief!

I weep for you, Buddy. And I can never forgive you.


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