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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Bloggers Who Would Impeach Bush

The bloggers who are attempting to impeach President Bush have got to be one of the angriest, most out-of-touch group of people, outside of a lunatic asylum, that has ever existed. This group is Moveon.org squared.

Using Technorati and Google, the following strange fish can be brought up from the depths of the Internet.

Rambler Joe Snitty, the neo-hippy . This guy thinks that the only thing necessary to Impeach President Bush is influence the Senate. Guess his civics lessons didn't cover details like the House of Representatives, who must actually bring forward articles of impeachment before the Senate can act. That's right Joe, you are going to have to convince a majority of that august, 435 member body to impeach. but then you are only half way. You still have to convince more than half of the Senate that he is a rat. And, as if that isn't enough, the guys you are tasked with convincing are Republicans!

Then there's the Impeach Bush Coalition. A veritable treasure trove of hard hitting reasons to impeach President Bush. Reasons like "George Bush and his officials are derelict in their duty" Because they didn't turn Katrina away from Nawlins. Or "George Bush and his officials lied to the American people" because President Bush, ever the nice guy, tried to cover for Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco by offering the opinion, on the Today Show, that they probably did not anticipate the levees breaking. The list goes on....and on in this same vein of complete and utter crap. It makes amusing reading though.

A Google search for "impeach bush" site:blogspot.com yields 53,600 pages that contain the phrase "impeach bush". This covers only the free webpages offered by Blogger. Only 84 of them are relevant though, the rest are repeats.

A Google web search for "impeach bush" yields a whopping 1,100,000 pages.

One more thing, this effort appears to be headed, in part, by former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, who has been in the middle of every crackpot movement since the American people threw Jimmy Carter out of office.

Have any of you guys ever read Don Quixote?

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