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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

This Guy Writes Better Than Me

I did not write this but it pretty much sums up my thinking about this subject. It has been edited for spelling. Nagin has been changed to Nagus, as in Grand Nagus of DS9, and Blanco is Blanko as in blank, incompetent, puttylike entity who's only talent is to grab power and hold on to it. Even when her own constituent's lives are at stake, Blanko's priorities never waver, she tries to keep a deathgrip on power. The guy's name is Steve Hopkins and he resides at Hog On Ice.

What is George Thinking?

Blanko and Nagus Blow it, and Bush Apologizes

I suppose you know that the President is planning to make a ridiculous speech on Thursday, in which he talks about how bad he feels about the federal government letting everyone in New Orleans down.

Why does he do these things? Over and over, he reaches out to the left, and every time, they take the olive branch and beat him over the head with it.

Governor Blanko failed to follow her disaster plan. She was so nonchalant, National Hurricane Center director Max Mayfield called her before the storm and begged her to start taking action. New Orleans mayor Ray Nagus also got a call, and like Blanko, he chose not to follow his own preexisting plan. Then Blanco and Nagin exacerbated the mess AFTER the storm and BEFORE the flooding. Nagus failed to use his last opportunity to evacuate, and Blanko made the city wait an entire day while she bickered with the President about turf concerns.

After all that, FEMA reacted FASTER than after earlier disasters, and yet somehow, the Democrats had the gall to say the feds--and by extension, President Bush--were responsible for the obscenely high death toll.

If there's one lesson George Bush really needs to learn, it's that the Democrats are always going to shaft him, and when he tries to include them and do them favors, it only gives them more ammunition.

If the Democrats in Louisiana had done things even partially correctly, we would not have a high death toll or a flooded city to deal with. They could have prevented the flooding and evacuated the people, leaving FEMA with a much smaller job to do. But they wasted flood control money and they left people in the city as it sank, and naturally, FEMA--which never, ever responds quickly--was unable to cope with the mess.

The correct thing for George Bush and the Republicans to do is to fight back and make sure people understand that Democrats caused this tragedy. Instead, the President is essentially going to confess to a series of misdeeds he and his subordinates didn't commit, and he will probably see to it that at least through the 2008 election, the ignorant, half-witted public will think Republicans caused the destruction of New Orleans.

This is without a doubt the dumbest decision of his long political career. It almost makes you wonder if George Soros has naked pictures of Karl Rove.

I'm so disgusted, I don't feel like defending the President any more. What good will it do for bloggers to point out the truth, when the President himself refuses to stand up and fight?

I generally don't watch Presidential speeches, because they're dull, and it's extremely unusual for a Republican President to say anything I disagree with. But this time I think I'll tune in. It's not often that you get to witness a career suicide on prime time TV with two days' notice.

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