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Texas This I Know...
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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Bush Still Beats Kerry

George Bush is taking a beating. His job approval rating is now 41% according to a Zogby poll of 1157 likely voters. He is matched against every sitting president since Carter and loses, but even with all that going against him, he still beats John Kerry.

In a sign of just how severe the damage to the President’s standing caused by Katrina is, the Zogby America survey finds that, despite his re-election last fall, President Bush would lose to every modern president since Jimmy Carter, the one-term Democrat who left office amid record unpopularity and a presidency rated, at the time, dismally. He would also lose to his own father, who left office amid an economic recession triggered, in part, by a devastating hurricane.

However, in one of the few bright spots for the President, he would still beat Massachusetts Democrat John Kerry, by a narrow, one-point margin.

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