Texas This I Know...

Texas This I Know...
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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Survived The Storm, Destroyed by Looters.

This sad comment on the fate of a Walmart store in Nawlins and by extension the sartorial values and musical tastes held by some Nawlinites.

...The Wal-Mart store in uptown New Orleans, built within the last year, survived the storm but was destroyed by looters.

"They took everything - all the electronics, the food, the bikes," said John Stonaker, a Wal-Mart security officer. "People left their old clothes on the floor when they took new ones. The only thing left are the country-and-western CDs. You can still get a Shania Twain album."

If the store had not been looted, it could be open in two weeks, Stonaker said. Now he doubts it will be open by January. "They'll have to gut it and start over," he said....

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