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Texas This I Know...
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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Impeach Bush: The Popularity Approach

Impeach Bush Blogger, Bonnie has written a post titled "Impeach Bush:Reasons Republicans Should Join" in which she holds forth to republicans on the reasons to impeach President Bush.

I must say, this is a novel approach. Impeaching a president primarily because you think the American People don't like him, not because of anything he has done has never been tried before.

This of course, begs the question of offending the Republican base and the people who think he is the last, best chance for Western culture.

... Republicans though need to be looking hard at poll numbers and thinking about the 2006 elections.

...According to a poll by the Cleveland Plain Dealer 46% say he should step down from office while 44% think he should stay. ... If Republican leaders would listen to their constituents ... If Republicans want to come out of the Bush Era somewhat intact ... Instead of allowing Bush and his cronies to take down the whole party over the coming months or years, ...the Republicans could very well have a mess on their hands that may take years to clean up.

So if there are Republican leaders in Washington that would like to maintain some dignity within the party, they should take the initiative into demanding accountability from Bush and Company.

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