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Texas This I Know...
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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Kidnap and Behead...What can be done about it?

Well. Another foreigner in the ME has lost his head to the shitbirds. What can be done about this?

Here's an idea: Each, at risk, person could carry a bomb and set it off if he was kidnapped, or in danger of being kidnapped.

The downside of any of the anti-jihadi methods described here is that the user would probably end up dead if the attempted kidnapping came to pass. And if the technology is not first rate and reliable, he and others could get blown up accidentally. But, hey, he would end up dead anyway, wouldn't he? And He might take a few jihadis with him! Warzones are dangerous!

A man might be able to bluff his, would be, captors into going away and evade capture. And if it became widely known that he carried a bomb and he was the kind of person who would use it. He would become a harder target because the kidnappers would know they would not succeed and so find an easier mark.

In the worst case, he would have the satisfaction of dying by his own actions rather than becoming a headless pawn in someone else's game.

The ideal bomb would have an adjustable blast radius, could be armed and disarmed using encrypted code via keypad, infrared beam, or radio signal, have a remote deadman switch that docked in the bomb housing with blast delay if desired, could be triggered from a proximity switch that was set to go off if the bomb was taken more than XX meters from a signal generator kept in a pocket or implanted in his body. The adjustable blast radius would allow the user to configure the lethality of the bomb to fit the circumstances. This is the ideal bomb. Below are descriptions of less fancy but more attainable anti-jihadi devices.

HAND GRENADE:US Army hand grenades are configured, or could be configured in such that they have a built in deadman switch, if you let go, it explodes.

BREIFCASE BOMB: The briefcase bomb would have the advantage of arming and disarming at will via keypad. A deadman switch could be built in. To prevent theft, a proximity switch could also be set to go off when the breifcase was moved farther than XX feet from a signal generator carried in his pocket, or implanted in his body.

EXPLOSIVE VEST: All the bells and whistles that could be built into a breifcase bomb could be installed in a wearable vest.


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