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Texas This I Know...
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Thursday, June 24, 2004

So, It Was 11 Years, 10 months, Or Twelve Years, Three months, Or...

Jennifer Flowers is upset that Bill Clinton still refuses to acknowledge their full relationship. The boy is telling the truth unless the affair lasted exactly 4377 days, or 105,048 hours, or 6,302,880 minutes, or 378,172,800 seconds. (If you calculate this, subtract three days for leap years.)

"A storm broke over stories of Clinton's relationship with Flowers - she said they had a 12-year affair - when he was running for the Democratic nomination for president in 1992.

Clinton, with his wife by his side, categorically denied the accusation at the time, although six years later he would admit that they had a relationship.

In the memoir, he continues to deny any 12-year affair, saying only that he had a relationship with Flowers "that I should not have had" in the 1970s.

"The fact is there was no 12-year affair," he wrote."
Slick Willy knows precisely the meaning of "is", and uses it like a sharp knife!

Oh well, I'll stand by what I've said before.


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