Texas This I Know...

Texas This I Know...
Texas Farm to Market Road

Tuesday, June 22, 2004


When I saw the Twin Towers get knocked down, and the people jumping out, and the body parts dug out of the rubble, and rubble itself, I was angry.

When I read the descriptions of human bodies splashing like water baloons when they hit the sidewalk because they were traveling at 150 MPH due to falling from a height of 1100 feet, I was angry.

When I saw the grief of the thousands of people left behind when their loved ones died on that terrible day, I was angry.

The red hot rage has cooled now. In it's place is a kind of cold resolve that only gets warm when I see the Nick Berg, or Paul Johnson decapitations. Oddly enough the deaths of American soldiers doesn't cause me to get angry, it just makes me want to be there, helping out.

The cold resolve makes me willing to sacrifice my own life if I get the chance to take even one terrorist with me. But of course, I want to kill as many as possible and live to tell about it.

This is out of character for me. I have always thought that killing a man just put him out of your reach. If you want to punish him, you keep him alive and make him suffer.

I guess its not that much out of character after all. Although I want the terrorist soldiers and lieutenants to die, I want Bin Laden to live. I want him to live and witness the destruction, the reduction to fine powder, of everything he's built, or holds dear, by hands of the U.S.of A. I want him know that WE did it!. Then he can die if he wants to, or he can live in a cell and think about it.


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