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Texas This I Know...
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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

What Makes Michael Run...

In the interest of full disclosure let me begin with this statement: I think Michael Moore is a concienceless bag of nightsoil!

But not because he lies, and makes fraudulent documentaries. It's because he does not believe in what he is pushing. He's tapping into the red hot rage of American lefties and Euroweenies, and he's playing them like a master violinist.

He doesn't have any core beliefs.

His true god is money.

He's a fat, fake and a fraud!

Something doesn't ring quite true about him. I'm not referring to his obvious lies. I expect people on the Left to lie in order to advance their agenda. I'm referring to the underlying set of beliefs he espouses. I don't think he really believes them.

He reminds me of Abbie Hoffman. For those of you too young to remember, Hoffman was a rabble rouser, back in the '60s. He coined the phrase "Don't trust anyone over thirty." He talked a lot of crap and had a way with words. But he didn't really believe what he was pushing.

He was a leader of protest movements. But his real goal, the thing he got his jollies with, was manipulating people on a mass scale. Talking them into rioting, directing protests with them as cannon fodder, etc.

He got into trouble with the law by selling cocaine, and disappeared for about six years. He finally surfaced in the '79 and got his legal problems straightened out. But he couldn't work the old magic anymore. He killed himself in 1989.

I get the same feeling about Moore now as I got about Hoffman back then. That feeling is both of them hide their true motivations.

Maybe Moore doesn't worship money. Maybe it is something else. The guy is a very smart individual, and a fairly talented filmmaker. But he's always been fat, ugly, and therefore uncool. A chick repeller. Maybe he's just enjoying screwing over all these cool guys, and the girls that snubbed him back in the day.

But my bet would be that his schtick is to mold everyone who believes in him into a tool, designed to bring more bucks to his already bulging bank account.

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