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Texas This I Know...
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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

With Friends Like This....

Dave Lieber, columnist for the Fort Worth Star Telegram, [free with sign up] has written a fawning character piece on State Representative Bob Griggs, from Tarrant County. You can tell he likes the guy and wants only good things to happen for him. But in Mr. Leiber's puppy dog like enthusiasm, he has revealed something about Griggs that will come back to haunt the politico should anyone, say a future opponent, ever choose to use it. The damaging info is quoted below.
"He was so assured of victory that I can reveal here that he wasn't even in town on election night. When declared the winner, Griggs was, as we say in the newspaper business, unavailable for comment. He was on a cruise."

"Griggs didn't even vote for himself. He tried to obtain an absentee ballot, but the cruise got in the way."

Imagine the slogan of Grigg's opponent:

"I care enough to vote! I care enough to be there when the votes are counted!! Bob Griggs doesn't!!!"

"Bob Griggs didn't care enough to vote, even for himself. Does this man deserve to stay in office?"

This has infinite a whole lot of variations.

Of course this may have been Leiber's goal all along. Bob Griggs is a Republican, and Leiber is a newspaper reporter. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


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