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Texas This I Know...
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Friday, July 16, 2004

The Fatboy's M.O.

Ah, the Fatboy, what a facile and prolific liar. 
I don't need to see his movie to know what's in it.  It's  been described ad nausem all over the Internet.

The reason I won't go to his movie is because I believe he's scamming everyone. In particular the hard core Bush haters.  He is taking those kid for a ride. But he ain't gonna get my eight dollars, nosiree!

The Fatboy is a very intelligent and cunning individual and I've seem him work before. 
 This is his M.O.:

1. Choose a controversial subject that already has lots of exposure in the media. "Roger & Me", "Bowling for Columbine", and "Fahrenheit 911" all fit this requirement.

2. Create a story that will appeal to a definable segment of society, and slant it so that their predjudices are confirmed.  Accuracy and truth are secondary to the confirmation of the target market's predjudices, and producing an entertaining story.

"Roger & Me" appeals to anyone who has ever lost a job to corporate change.   "Bowling for Columbine" appeals to every parent who is concerned by violence in schools.   "Fahrenheit 911" appeals to the Bush haters and anti-Iraq war zealots in America and the world.

The Fatboy has produced and starred in films of other formats, none of which has been as successful as his "documentaries".  The reason he uses the documentary format is because it lends itself to low budget filmaking.  Also, what better way to make people believe their most heartfelt sentiments are being validated than by an objective "documentary".  Of course the films are documentaries in format only, not in content of truth.  That's not saying that he
won't tell the truth.  He will, but only if it fits in with the predetermined storyline.

3. Make the movie.  This is where the Fatboy's talent for filmmaking come into play.  He is a master storyteller and makes entertaining films.

4. Once the movie is in the can. The Fatboy begins the free publicity hunt. Besides the usual talk show promotions he does the following: He says outrageous things. He picks fights with high profile persons, and organizations.   If he can coax someone into boycotting his movie, or better yet trying to shut it down, his day is made.

5. Tailor the publicity campaign to the predjudices of the target market.   With "Fahrenheit 911", he saw the way the left in America and opinion in Europe was shaping up and realized he could make a killing off it. He saw the bitterness and bile created in the wake of the 2000 elections.  The Democrat's shift farther and farther left because of it. The reaction of the French to Bush's Iraq war. He realized he could exploit all this to make money, lots of it.

His exploitation of organizations like Moveon.org seems to be revolutionary, but actually, cynics like the Fatboy have been sucking money out of the pockets people caught in the throes of emotion, since time began.

Once he has mined all the silver out of the American Left mother lode, he will discard them like yesterday's cucumber peelings. In the process he will have lead them over a cliff, and into the abyss of ineffectualness. Then he will go back to New York to count his money. 

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