Texas This I Know...

Texas This I Know...
Texas Farm to Market Road

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Sometimes, The Wife's True Thoughts Are Revealed.....

WIFE: To husband as he finishes using the bathroom; "Spray some spray!"

HUSBAND: "Okay." Psssst! Shake,shake,shake. Pssssst! "Honey, be sure and shake this can of spray before you use it next time, it's got to where it won't even come out unless you shake it"

WIFE: "Maybe we need to get another can."

HUSBAND: "Yeah, how long we had this one, two or three years?"

WIFE: "Okay, I'll put it on the grocery list......... You know, we really don't have to worry about it except when you use the bathroom, 'cause my shit don't stink."

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