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Texas This I Know...
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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Why do some Americans hate America?

I've puzzled over this a lot and one reason I have come up with is Americans who hate America, some of them, are victims of the survivor syndrome.

The survivor syndrome is a complex set of emotions some people are victimized by when they have been through a disaster in which a large number of people have been killed or seriously injured.

The survivors, the ones who came through without a scratch because they were lucky, feel guilty and ashamed. They keep wondering, "Why did they all die and not me."

Americans who are aware of the living conditions of the vast majority of the people in the world come to the realization that Americans have a very, very easy time of it. There are places on Earth where people actually starve to death while one of the biggest problems of poor people in America is obesity!

Some Americans, just like some survivors of a disaster, feel guilty and ashamed because they were lucky enough to be born in America and not Bangladesh. But nobody is there to tell them it was just fate, that they took their chances like everyone else but through blind happenstance lucked on to something better than most humans who have ever been born.

Most of them don't ever verbalize this, even to themselves. They see others in the same situation who don't feel guilty. They begin to think that the reason America are is so much better off than other countries is because we steal from everyone else.

And that is where it begins, eventually they blame America for anything and everything bad that happens, anywhere in the world. Either we did something we shouldn't have or we didn't help someone when they needed help. This is bolstered by the fact that some Americans, individuals and government officials, do bad things.

Americans who hate America can't recognize that Americans and America have done far, far more good than harm. That we have freed a million people from horrendous conditions for each one that has had an injustice from American hands.

Americans who hate America are to be pitied. They will never know the joy giving a helping hand because they think they are not capable of it, being American you know.

They hate themselves, and they hate anyone who is comfortable with being American.

And of course, they reserve the white hot, boiling hatred for those who are actually proud of America, and glad to be one.

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