Texas This I Know...

Texas This I Know...
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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Home Security...

A couple of years ago, I realized that if I ever had to use my .38 to shoot a goblin, and I missed, I might end up killing one of my neighbors.

I thought about buying some of those Glazer bullets that disintegrate on impact, but the guy at the ammo store said those kind of slugs can be stopped by a thick leather coat.

So I went to the pawn shop and traded my Long Tom for a short barreled pump shotgun, like the cops use.

For maximum agility, I cut the stock down to a hand grip. Having cut the stock down I could no longer aim it from the shoulder. So I went down to the Trinity river bottoms and practiced shoot-from-the-hip until I could hit anything I aimed at as long as it was within 25 feet.

I realized then that a man could shoot any size weapon from the hip and not suffer from the recoil if his handgrip arm is bent at about a 15 degree angle, and he tightens his shoulder, bicep and tricep muscles. When the weapon fires the crooked arm absorbs the recoil by straightening out just a little before resuming its original angle.

On later target practices, I found that I could pump, load and fire all of the five rounds in the shotgun, with accuracy, in less than three seconds. A comfort to know if I ever need to hose someone down.

I believe now, I have a more effective home security weapon, and I don't have to worry about overspray if I should have to go after a goblin. Which will make me have that much more of an edge in a confrontation. Not having to worry about neighbors that is.

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