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Texas This I Know...
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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Pretending it's 9-10 in a 9-11 World...

Why does the American Left hate George Bush so much? Because he "stole" the 2000 election? Because he's a "smirking, brainless, chimp"? Because he is "in it for the oil"?

I don't think so. The reason George Bush is the focus of so much white hot animus is simply because he happened to be President on 9-11-01. Anyone who was in that position would be blamed by those who believe they are entitled to the riskless, worry free existence people in America had before 9-11. Even if he did nothing. He would still be blamed for letting it happen. The reason would not matter. The point is, he would still be held responsible for the world changing so drastically.

Consider: Every paradigm of foreign policy that has been established in the last hundred years was shattered on that day. Our comfortable reality went up in a puff of concrete dust and fellow citizen's body parts.

The new, 9-11, reality was that we had an enemy that simply wanted to kill us, that's all! The Islamic terrorists don't want land, they don't want treasure. They want death for the people of the West, and the Western secular worldview. They want death for all people who do not worship Allah.

They will attack anywhere on Earth where there are US citizens, or US allies. Inside our borders, or out. Soldiers or civilians, they make no distinction. Without regard to standards of any kind.

If the terrorists could set off a nuclear blast that would kill everyone in America, they would do it. If they could release a disease that would cause everyone in the USA to die, they would do it. If the continent of the Americas, North and South, had to be turned into a lifeless wasteland for 500,000 years in order to kill all the citizens of the USA, the Islamic terrorists, or jihadi (holy warriors)would not blink an eye. There is one thing we can count on, whatever they do will not be constrained by an ounce of consideration for innocence or guilt, age, or sex. Because in their view we are all guilty.

This is different from anything we have ever faced. It is going to require new tactics and new ways of thinking if we are to survive. If we fail, if we don't prevail, the flame of secular humanism will be snuffed out on this planet. To be replaced by a worldview that is dark and cruel. With superstition and reliance on the religion as its most salient features.

The Bush Haters,... correction, the folks who would blame the President, any President, are too enamored of the 9-10 world to ever give it up. They will never reconcile with the 9-11 reality. They blame Bush for the world of 9-11 and believe they could get back 9-10 if he would just let them!

And because he won't, because he can't, even if he wanted to, they will hate him with the rage a spoiled child reserves for anyone who forces him to do what he doesn't want to.

What they don't realize is that the 9-10 pretend reality will be pried out their desperate clutching hands, one finger at a time, Bush or no Bush. No matter who is President.

I wish it could be different, I would like to go back to 9-10 too, but I can't, and it can't.

I hope, for their sakes, that the Bush-hater's are strong enough to stay sane when they can pretend no more.


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